Many Stories: Votes for Women: The Southern Story

Learn about the story of the women's suffrage movement in Mississippi with special guest Marjorie J. Spruill, Distinguished Professor Emerita of the University of South Carolina, as we honor Women's History Month in this edition of the #ManyStories Series. Spruill will discuss the legacies of Reconstruction, reforms of the Progressive Era, and the white supremacist attitudes of Mississippi's early suffragettes such as Nellie Nugent Somerville and Carrie Belle Kearney.

This Week’s Featured History is Lunch: Cat Island

This week, we are highlighting a 2018 History Is Lunch presentation by John Cuevas and photographer Jason Taylor entitled "Discovering Cat Island: Photographs and History."

A barrier island in the Mississippi Sound, Cat Island was originally owned by the Cuevas family as part of a 1781 Spanish land grant. The site’s history includes stories of pirate treasure, the Battle of New Orleans, the Trail of Tears, and Prohibition. Lieutenant governor (then secretary of state) Delbert Hosemann introduced the program.

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