National Register of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation’s official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation. Mississippi has more than 1,300 listings in the National Register. Most are houses, but there are also archaeological sites, battlefields, bridges, buildings, cemeteries, forts, and historic districts.

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Benefits of National Register Listing:

  • Tax incentives  
  • Grant assistance
  • Protection from demolition or development
  • Enriching our understanding of local, state, and national history
  • Recognizing significant events and developments, notable people, and types of buildings and architectural styles

National Register Listing DOES NOT:

  • Restrict a private owner’s use of the property, unless development of the property involves federal funding, federal rehabilitation tax credits, or participation in some other federal program. 
  • Require public accessibility.

Nominating a property

For more information about the National Register of Historic Places, contact Jennifer Baughn at or 601-576-6578.

To qualify for National Register of Historic Places, a building or site should exhibit high degrees of historical significance and integrity. The first step in the nomination process is to complete the preliminary questionnaire. This form will assess if the property meets federal requirements for listing on the National Register.

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If the property appears to be eligible for National Register consideration, MDAH will provide an official nomination to be filled out by the applicant.

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