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In 1999, the Mississippi Legislature approved House Bill No. 1082, creating the Mississippi Landmark Grant program. This act, to be administered by the Department of Archives and History (MDAH), provides that the interest earned on $10,000,000 of the balance of the Abandoned Property Fund in the State Treasury will be used for the Mississippi Landmark Grant Program. The grant funds may be used to pay the cost of acquisition, preservation, restoration, operation, administration and support of Mississippi Landmark properties. The Board of Trustees of MDAH will review the applications and award grant funds to eligible projects when the Mississippi Landmark Grant Program has enough of a balance to award grants. Due to the lack of funding, most grants that are awarded are for emergency repairs only.

To be eligible to participate, a building must be designated a Mississippi Landmark under the provisions of the Antiquities Law of Mississippi prior to application.

Grant applications may be submitted by state agencies, county or municipal governments, school districts, nonprofit organizations that have been granted Section 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status by the United States Internal Revenue Service, or private owners of Mississippi Landmark properties.

The grant request may not exceed $300,000 per project. Applicants must provide evidence of cash matching funds (private, local, or federal) at the time of application. Nonprofit and governmental applicants must provide a cash match not less than 20% of the grant award while all other applicants (i.e., for-profit, private property owners, etc.) must provide a cash match not less than 50% of the grant award.

Grant awards will be paid to the grantee by the Department on a reimbursable basis upon the successful completion of the project.

Applicants receiving grant awards should be prepared to cover all project costs prior to receiving reimbursement.

For more information call 601-576-6940.