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The Certified Local Government Program is a federal-state-local partnership established in 1980 by amendments to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. The CLG program permits local governments that have established their own historic preservation programs–meeting both federal and state standards–to participate directly in the national historic preservation program and processes.

Size, cultural diversity, historic resources, and preservation needs of CLG communities vary greatly, and the CLG program was designed to permit communities maximum flexibility in dealing with diverse preservation needs and to reward those local governments that have established commissions to address the preservation of their local historic treasures. Additionally, CLG communities receive special technical assistance and training from MDAH staff, including:

  • programs to heighten local preservation awareness,
  • assistance with drafting preservation ordinances,
  • training workshops for the local preservation commission,
  • and assistance in
    • establishing local historic districts,
    • identifying architecturally and historically significant buildings and sites,
    • preparing National Register nominations,
    • compiling design review guidelines for historic districts, and
    • many other kinds of projects to promote preservation of the community’s historic resources.

A CLG preservation commission is also consulted in matters regarding the National Register of Historic Places and federal projects that affect local historic properties.

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