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It has often been said that the most effective historic preservation activities are “grass roots” efforts. No one benefits more from the preservation of local historic buildings and sites than the citizens of the local community. Conversely, no one suffers as much as those citizens when local historic resources are destroyed.

Those who live and work in historic homes and neighborhoods see the effects of rehabilitation projects every day and enjoy the economic and social benefits that preservation of the community’s historic properties brings. They are the citizens who also feel most personally the loss of a treasured local landmark.

Because the vast majority of Mississippi’s historic resources can be saved only through local efforts, one of MDAH’s most important functions is to work with local citizens in the protection of their local historic resources. Historic preservation staff members provide assistance to city and county governments and to local organizations on a variety of issues, including preservation awareness, local preservation ordinances, and training for local preservation commissions. Interested communities are provided with sample historic preservation enabling ordinances, sample historic district ordinances, and examples of design review guidelines, as well as other information, such as pertinent state and federal laws.