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Traveling exhibits are available to educational and cultural institutions and other well-established organizations in the state of Mississippi free of charge. Booking periods run for eight weeks. One week for installation, six weeks for exhibition and one for dismantling. Exhibitors are responsible for transportation of the exhibit from the previous exhibitor. After an exhibit is scheduled, a contract will be sent to the borrower for confirmation. It must be signed and returned immediately.

Booking of two exhibits or more during the same period requires pre-approval. Cancellations may be made by either the exhibitor or the Programs and Communication Division staff. The exhibitor should cancel one month in advance of its scheduled opening date for the exhibit. Postponements are considered cancellations. Last minute cancellations may result in suspension from the program.

In-State Travel

In-state borrowing exhibitors are responsible for the transportation of the exhibit from the previous exhibitor to their site or from the Two Mississippi Museums shipping bay to their site. Exhibitors agree to pay and furnish transportation for the exhibit to their site. The exhibit must be transported in a covered vehicle. Most traveling exhibits require a full size van. You are also responsible for returning the trunks in the same manner. A commercial bus or truck line may also be used. If a truck line is used, a guaranteed delivery date should be required.

The weight of each exhibit and the number and size of crates are listed on each exhibit’s information webpage.

Out-of-State Travel

Exhibits are available to institutions out-of-state at a cost of $500.00. Extended bookings are available at a cost of $250.00 for each additional eight week period. Shipping arrangements must be completed prior to exhibit pick-up. The borrowing institution arranges and pays for both incoming and outgoing shipping costs. Scheduling will be made through the Outreach Programs Coordinator and a Bill of Lading must be emailed or faxed to the Outreach Programs Coordinator (see Shipping Information).

The MDAH has compiled a list of shipping companies familiar with the needs of its Traveling Exhibits Program.

Handling and Packing

Instructions for unpacking, handling of exhibits, and repacking are sent to the exhibitor in advance. These instructions must be followed carefully. All original packing material must be stored for use in repacking the exhibit.

Supplementary Material

Additional background and publicity materials may be available for some exhibits.


Duplication of publicity photographs is prohibited. Publicity photographs can only be used once in local media outlets. The exhibitor agrees to give credit to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Exhibitors are provided with sample news releases and outlines. One publicity photograph for each exhibit is available upon request. Photographs may not be reproduced and must be returned to the Programs and Communication Division. The department has a one-time-use policy with publicity photographs.

All public information concerning a traveling exhibit must include the following statement: “[EXHIBIT NAME] is produced by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.” Please send copies of any publicity or media coverage the exhibit receives in your community.

Information Packet

Exhibitors are required to review all packets that are mailed or emailed to them. It is mandatory that exhibitors complete and return contracts, opening reports, closing reports, and checklists. About a month before the opening of the exhibit you will receive an exhibit packet. This packet includes two forms, along with other information, that must be completed and returned.

Opening report must be filled out and sent in after receiving and examining the exhibit.

Closing report must be filled out and sent in at the close of the exhibit.

To learn more about the Traveling Exhibit Lending Policies and Procedures, the content of specific exhibits, or to book an exhibit, please contact:

Outreach Programs Coordinator
Programs and Communication, MDAH
P.O. Box 571
Jackson, MS 39205-0571
Phone: 601-576-6997