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MDAH Volunteers—Winners of the Governor’s Initiative for Volunteer Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Public History

MDAH volunteers embrace the values of passion, integrity, excellence, and respect while furthering our mission.

Volunteers partner with MDAH employees to enrich the visitor experience and provide services that are vital to the operation of the department. Our diverse, knowledgeable, talented, and skilled volunteers help fulfill our mission to preserve Mississippi’s diverse historic resources and share them with people around the world.

Who can volunteer at MDAH?

We currently engage adult volunteers (18+), college/university volunteers (18+) who are seeking community service or service learning hours, and service group volunteers. College and university students (18+) seeking a non-stipend (unpaid) internship should visit here.

What can MDAH volunteers do?

MDAH volunteers can serve in all five divisions of our agency in public, behind-the-scenes, and virtual roles.

Public Volunteers may serve as:

  • Information Specialists (desk attendants and ambassadors)
  • Docents, Guides, and Education & Outreach Specialists
  • Demonstrators/Reenactors/Period Dress Interpreters/Living History Actors
  • Special Events and Program Assistants

Mississippi’s most exciting volunteer opportunity is here!

Volunteer at the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum:

The Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Non-Public Volunteers may serve behind-the scenes in:

  • Administration
  • Archives
  • Collections
  • Historic Preservation
  • Museums & Historic Sites
  • Programs and Communication

Digital Project e-Volunteers serve as transcribers, translators, data entry volunteers, and on special projects as needed.

How do I get started as an MDAH volunteer?

Adult Volunteers (18+)

College/University Students (18+) Seeking Community Service or Service Learning

Service Group Application


Applicants who prefer a paper application should contact Elizabeth Coleman at or 601-576-6985.

To View MDAH Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Central MS Hub for Volunteers and Non-Profits

For MDAH Volunteers:

Volunteers may access their VicNet account at the button below:

Where can MDAH volunteers serve?

The Administration Division is where volunteers work on special projects. Some of these projects may be done virtually. MDAH e-Volunteers help to preserve our history for generations to come. They transcribe oral history interviews, translate historical journals, and transcribe recordings of important conferences and meetings so that this part of the Mississippi story will not be lost.

The William F. Winter Archives and History Building in downtown Jackson is the headquarters of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Volunteers have been involved with this department since its inception in 1902. MDAH volunteers serve in many roles throughout the department, and we invite you to explore our volunteer opportunities to see if we have a match that is right for you.

The Archives and Records Services Division—the backbone of MDAH—boasts one of the premier state archives libraries in the nation. Volunteers assist patrons in the Archives Library and in behind-the-scenes roles as archival processing aides and other support roles.

The Archives and Records Services Division volunteers serve the public in the media reading room of the Archives Library (Jackson). Also, they can be found in behind-the-scenes roles such as archival processing aides and helping with special projects pertaining to Mississippi history. Volunteers often use the Archives Library for MDAH research projects and on their personal time, volunteers can be found using this one-of-a-kind resource to explore their family history or their favorite Mississippi subjects.

The Historic Preservation Division provides support to our professional archaeologists, architectural historians, and other preservationists.

AmeriCorps members are pictured assisting MDAH archaeologists with collections work in the laboratory. MDAH volunteers work on special projects that help make archaeological resources available to the public.

The Museum Division shares our rich history with the public and preserves our history behind-the-scenes. Volunteers who serve the public can be found at the Old Capitol Museum, the Governor’s Mansion, the Eudora Welty House and Garden, the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, the Museum of Mississippi History and  Winterville Mounds Archaeological Park and Museum. The Manship House Museum and Historic Jefferson College are undergoing a long-term restoration plan and are open for special events. Volunteers enjoy serving as Ambassadors, docents, guides, information specialists, and special event volunteers and can also be found behind-the-scenes in museum collections, archaeology collections, and other areas.

Our very hospitable MDAH volunteers share Mississippi’s many stories at our museum sites—by giving tours, serving as information specialists, ambassadors, special event volunteers, and many more roles.

The Programs and Communication Division focuses on public relations, education, marketing, and department-wide programming. Volunteers assist staff in creating and implementing educational resources and programs, as well as assist with special projects pertaining to Public Information.

Volunteers help bring history to life, reenacting important people and events from Mississippi’s past. Present Meets Past is an annual program at the Old Capitol Museum where volunteers and staff offer vignettes of history.