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MDAH provides free wireless Internet access to guests and patrons on its campus. Login requires the network name (MDAH_guest) and a password, which can be obtained from any MDAH employee.

By using the MDAH wireless network, guests are agreeing to abide by the MDAH Guest Wireless Policy below:

Purpose of the MDAH wireless network: to provide free internet access to patrons, staff, and service providers in public areas where wiring is invasive or impractical without endangering the integrity and security of the internal MDAH network.

Purpose of the MDAH Guest Wireless Policy: to establish the requirements and standards for using the MDAH wireless network.

Locations: public areas of buildings, such as auditoriums, classrooms, meeting rooms, search rooms, and conference rooms, on the MDAH main campus in Jackson, MS.

Hours: the wireless network is available during the normal operating hours of the buildings on the MDAH Jackson campus. It is also available in these buildings during approved after hour events.

Equipment: personal mobile devices, such as laptop computers, tablets, or smart phones, with wireless capability.

Conditions for Use:

  • This service is meant to provide users with access to information that supports MDAH mission-related activities. Users may not use the Department’s wireless network to download or view pornographic or other inappropriate material.
  • The user should expect no right to privacy and access may be monitored. Parents or legal guardians of children under 18 years of age are responsible for their child’s use of the wireless network.
  • MDAH will develop guidelines and procedures that users must agree to before being given access to the wireless network.
  • Wireless connections are not secure, and the Department assumes no responsibility for the safety of the user’s equipment or data while using the wireless network.
  • The user will need to configure their own devices. MDAH staff cannot accept liability for handling non-MDAH equipment and will not provide technical assistance.
  • The user must use headphones unless the audio is part of a presentation.
  • The wireless network is provided for the productivity of patrons, staff, and service providers. It is a privilege that can be revoked at the discretion of MDAH staff if any user violates this policy or compromises the integrity and security of the MDAH network.