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Map of Garden Rooms

Eudora Welty Garden Map


The Welty garden is divided into several distinct areas, designed to lead the visitor from one garden spot to the next. The Camellia Room, located just below the porch on the east side of the house, features Camellia japonicas planted by Chestina and Eudora from about 1930 through the late 1940s. Twin cedars tower over all the camellias and shade the original concrete bench. These cedars were six feet tall when planted by Chestina in her early gardening days here.

Steps lead down into the Upper Garden, where bountiful flowers in the mixed border reflect the change of seasons. Behind the stucco garage is the cutting garden, where Chestina grew flowers for arrangements and to share. Here the Weltys planted annuals, both in fall for springtime blooms and in spring for warm weather flowers - poppies, snapdragons, larkspur, cornflowers, zinnias, marigolds, and many others.

A white trellis and an arbor with twin benches separate the Upper Garden from the Lower Garden, a space screened from view and less intensively designed. Here Chestina grew her beloved roses.

Stretching from the edge of the Lower Garden to the back of the property is the Woodland Garden, with mature pines and hardwoods towering over more camellias, native shrubs and ferns, spider lilies, and oxblood lilies. The back border of the Welty garden is a thick canebrake planted by Chestina Welty.


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