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The Clubhouse

Eudora Welty in the Clubhouse

Toward the far end of the back yard, in an area known as the "woodland garden," stands a replica of the clubhouse built by Eudora's brothers Walter and Edward during the late 1920s.

Eudora and her friends - an eclectic group of artists, writers and musicians - used the clubhouse as a getaway. Here they took photos, performed skits and talked about literature and the arts.

In the staff newsletter of radio station WJDX in the early 1930s, Welty reported: "Miss Eudora Welty is fitting up a pent house in a gully in her back yard, in which she can privately edit the Radio News and chew gum."

Clubhouse Replica

By the late 1950s, the clubhouse was in disrepair, and Welty had it torn down. The clubhouse was rebuilt in 2006 according to plans Mississippi State University School of Architecture students drew using a photograph of the original structure. Funds were provided by an anonymous donor.