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Eudora Welty Collection:

To use the Mississippi Department of Archives and History library and research rooms, bring a photo I.D. with you to the William Winter building, located at 200 North Street (corner of North and Amite) in Jackson. Hours are:

Monday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Reference Services
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
P. O. Box 571
Jackson, MS 39205-0571
Phone: 601-576-6876
Fax: 601-576-6964

As you plan your visit, please note:

The MDAH library is ocassionaly closed on Saturdays, so it's best to check our website or call ahead. The website can also help you get used to the online catalog before you come. When you are at the library, or at home using our online catalog, you can go directly to the Eudora Welty Collection by following this link or use the links below to access specific Series.

To access the Eudora Welty Collection at MDAH:

You can click on any of the Series and read detailed descriptions of the archival materials within. The description will also provide you with the numbers, so you can decide which box(es) you want to order. You may order up to 5 boxes at a time.

As the new system is being installed, there may be times when it is necessary to fill out a call slip for the boxes by hand. For assistance in this, or in any other matter, please see the Reference staff in the Reading Room.


* Series indicated by an asterisk have been extensively revised and may now include materials that were previously not available.

Series Titles
Series 1 - Uncollected Stories*
Series 2 - A Curtain of Green*
Series 3 - The Wide Net
Series 4 - Delta Wedding
Series 5 - The Golden Apples and Related Works*
Series 6 - The Ponder Heart*
Series 7 - The Bride of the Innisfallen*
Series 8 - "Where is the Voice Coming From?"
Series 9 - The Shoe Bird*
Series 10 - The Demonstrators*
Series 11 - Losing Battles
Series 12 - The Optimist's Daughter*
Series 13 - The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty*
Series 14 - One Time, One Place
Series 15 - Fairy Tale of the Natchez Trace
Series 16 - Eye of the Story*
Series 17 - One Writer's Beginnings (1984)*
Series 18 - Reviews*
Series 19 - Speeches*
Series 20 - Essays and Short Non-Fiction*
Series 21 - Drama*
Series 22 - Fiction in Publications
Series 23 - Reviews in Publications*
Series 24 - Essays in Publications*
Series 25 - Miscellaneous
Series 26 - Photographs
Series 27 - Welty Prints
Series 28 - Welty Family Photographs
Series 29 - Correspondence
      Correspondence by Eudora Welty*
      Select Correspondence*
      General Correspondence*
Series 30 - Book Reviews
Series 31 - Bibliographics
Series 32 - Criticism of Welty's Fiction
Series 33 - Theses
Series 34 - Dramatizations of Welty's Fiction
Series 35 - Works by Others
Series 36 - Memorabilia
Series 37 - Twenty Photographs
Series 39 - The Norton Book of Friendship*
Series 40 - Poetry*
Series 41 - Awards, Honors & Tributes*