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Permanent & Temporary Exhibits

Exhibits are free and open to the public Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m., and on the second Saturday of the month 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. For more information, call 601-353-7762, email, or visit us at the Eudora Welty Education and Visitors Center at 1109 Pinehurst Street in Jackson.

One Writer's Beginnings
Permanent Exhibit

One Writer's Beginnings Permanent Exhibit

In addition to our permanent exhibit thematically organized around Welty’s memoir One Writer’s Beginnings and its major threads that carried through her life, we generally have two temporary exhibits annually.


Dear Miss Welty: A Rotating Selection of Correspondence

Dear Miss Welty: A Rotating Selection of CorrespondenceEudora Welty was an avid letter writer, corresponding with close friends, family, fellow writers and photographers, editors and publishers, scholars working with her fiction, filmmakers, elected officials, and a range of other creative types. When she died in 2001, more than 15,000 pieces of correspondence and ephemera were found in her home. The letters are both personal and professional in nature and reveal much about Welty's life and her artistry.

The selected correspondence featured in this exhibit could be classified as “fan mail,” letters of admiration from individuals who were inspired by her work. These letters request autographs, book signings, photographs, or even meetings with Welty herself. Some are birthday or Christmas cards. A number of such letters and cards are from high school and college students—sometimes sent as part of a class exercise-expressing admiration of Welty’s works that they read for a class assignment or asking questions for a paper or project. After viewing the exhibit, visitors will have the opportunity to write their own fan letters to Welty.

The next installment of Dear Miss Welty: A Rotating Selection of Correspondence will be on display in early January of 2018 and will feature correspondence between Welty and friends at home and abroad.

The Eudora Welty Collection at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History is the premier collection of Eudora Welty materials in the world and one of the most varied literary collections in the United States. The collection includes manuscripts, letters, photographs, drawings, essays, and film and video footage that spans Welty’s entire life.