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Eudora Welty Timeline

1879 - Christian Webb Welty born

1883 - Chestina Andrews Welty born

1904 - Christian Webb Welty and Chestina Andrews Welty marry

1907 - The Weltys' son Christian Welty dies at age 15 months

April 13, 1909 - Eudora born in Jackson, Mississippi, at 741 N. Congress Street

1912 - Brother Edward Welty born

1915 - Brother Walter Welty born

1924 - A sister is stillborn

1925 - Graduates from Jackson’s Central High School

1925-27 - Attends Mississippi State College for Women, Columbus, Mississippi

1927-29 - Attends and graduates from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

1930-31 - Attends Columbia University School of Business

1931 - Christian Webb Welty, Eudora Welty’s father, dies

1931-34 - Eudora works in Jackson at WJDX radio station

193-35 - Eudora writes Jackson society columns for the Memphis Commercial-Appeal

1936 - Eudora publishes her first stories, “Death of a Traveling Salesman” and “Magic,” in Manuscript magazine, and she works for the Works Progress Administration

1937-39 - Eudora publishes ten stories in the Southern Review, Prairie Schooner, River

1939 - Eudora works for the Mississippi Advertising Commission

1940 - Diarmuid Russell becomes Eudora Welty’s agent

1941 - Eudora publishes stories in the Atlantic Monthly and Harper’s Bazaar. Her first book of stories, A Curtain of Green, is published

1942 - The Robber Bridegroom

1943 - The Wide Net

1944 - Eudora works for several months as a copyeditor and staff reviewer for the New York Times Book Review

1946 - Delta Wedding

1946-47 - Eudora has two extended stays in San Francisco

1949 - The Golden Apples

1949-50 - Eudora travels through Europe on a Guggenheim Fellowship

1951 - Eudora spends a few months in England and Ireland

1952 - Elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters

1954 - Eudora lectures at Cambridge University in England and publishes The Ponder Heart

1955 - The Bride of the Innisfallen; Eudora receives Howell’s Medal from Academy of Arts and Letters

1956 - Jerome Chodorov’s and Joseph Fields’s dramatization of The Ponder Heart runs on Broadway

1959 - Eudora’s brother Walter dies

1963 - Eudora publishes “Where is the Voice Coming From?” in the New Yorker

1966 - Eudora’s mother Chestina and her brother Edward die

1966 - “The Demonstrators” appears in the New Yorker

1969 - “The Optimist’s Daughter” appears in the New Yorker

1970 - Eudora publishes Losing Battles, a novel begun in 1955

1971 - Eudora’s book of photographs, One Time, One Place, is published, and she is elected to American Academy of Arts and Letters

1972 - The Optimist’s Daughter in revised and expanded form is published, and Eudora receives the Gold Medal for Fiction from the National Institute of Arts and Letters

1973 - The Optimist’s Daughter receives a Pulitzer Prize

1974 - Eudora travels through Italy and France

1976 - Alfred Uhry’s dramatization of The Robber Bridegroom runs on Broadway

1978 - The Eye of the Story

1979 - Artist-in-residence, British Studies Program, Associated Colleges of the South, held at Oxford University

1980 - The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty; Eudora receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

1983 - Eudora delivers the William E. Massey, Sr., Lectures in the History of American Civilization at Harvard University

1984 - One Writer’s Beginnings; Eudora travels to England and Italy

1986 - Eudora receives National Medal of the Arts

1989 - Photographs

1990 - Travels to London

1991 - Norton Book of Friendship, co-edited with Ronald A. Sharp

1996 - Receives French Legion of Honor in ceremony held at the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson

1998 - The Library of America publishes two volumes of Eudora’s fiction and non-fiction, making her the first living recipient whose works have become part of this distinguished series

2001 - Eudora Welty dies on July 23