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Volunteer at EWHG

The staff at the Eudora Welty House and Garden Museum are dedicated to providing each visitor with a positive educational experience while remaining entertaining and hospitable. Each volunteer plays a vital role in helping to create this environment. We want you to find the best fit for you while volunteering at the EWHG. We appreciate your interest and value your time commitment!

There are four different capacities in which a volunteer can contribute here at the EWHG:

  1. Docent - serves as the tour guide for the House. This volunteer takes a group from one person up to thirteen people into Eudora’s home and informs them of the important points of the House and Eudora’s time there. A tour script is provided. This position requires knowledge of Eudora’s life and works as well as at least one monthly shift on the docent schedule.
  2. Eyes - serves as a helper for the docent on large group tours of the house. This volunteer provides friendly reminders of the rules to visitors in groups of over six people. Volunteers will be contacted when needed for pre-scheduled, large group tours.
  3. Special Events Volunteer - serves as a helper during scheduled special events held at the EWHG. This volunteer may be assigned to a certain spot during activities for a specific allotment of time. These events mostly occur on an annual basis.
  4. Garden Volunteer - works in the garden on a weekly basis on Wednesday mornings with the other garden volunteers. This volunteer weeds, plants, waters, and attends to anything else needed for upkeep of the Garden.

If you would like to become a docent, there is a training process that will require an extra time commitment. First of all, we will pair you with at least two experienced docents, who will take you on a tour of the House. We would like for you to accompany each one on a tour at least three times. This way you will see how people handle and give tours differently, and you can begin to find your own style of guiding tours.

If you feel that you are ready, then we would like you to give a practice tour, either with a staff member or another docent. However, if you are still a little hesitant, then you may serve as Eyes until you are ready to move up as a Docent. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your ability to give a tour, so please take as much time as needed!

If you are interested in any of our volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for MDAH at 601-576-6985. You will need to fill out a volunteer application and meet with the Coordinator for placement and guidelines. EWHG staff will be happy to answer any questions about this process. You can reach us at 601-353-7762 or email