With over 12,000 years of history, Mississippi has a story to tell. The Mississippi History Timeline is divided into eight eras, and each era centers around major occurrences that changed the way people live in Mississippi.

The Timeline features photographs, artifacts, audiovisual materials, and oral histories from the Department’s archive collection and museum collection. The Timeline offers the public a way to see artifacts that are in storage until the Museum of Mississippi History is constructed.

To use the timeline simply click on an era.  A list of dates for that era will appear. Choose a year and follow that to the related entries.

The entries for the first two eras, “Early Civilization” and “Contact, Conflict, Contrast: Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans,” examine broad periods of time leading up to Mississippi’s statehood.

The entries for other eras cover all aspects of life in Mississippi during that era, from politics to popular culture.