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The first step in the nomination process for a privately owned individual building is the completion of a preliminary questionnaire to see if the property meets federal requirements for listing on the National Register.

 NRHP Preliminary Evaluation– (download)

After evaluating a completed questionnaire, the Department of Archives and History will contact the potential sponsor by letter. If the property appears to be eligible, MDAH will provide the sponsor with a nomination packet.

Nominations are usually submitted by the property owners, but people other than the owner may sponsor a property. Federal regulations allow private property owners to disallow listing of their own properties.

Some sponsors prepare the nomination themselves, but many seek assistance from consultants who specialize in National Register nominations. A list of consultants is included in the nomination packet.

A National Register nomination is a formal document that includes a detailed description of the property and any changes it has undergone, a statement explaining why the property is significant and briefly summarizing its history, a precise statement of boundaries or a legal description, several large black-and-white photographs, and a topographic map indicating the location. In Mississippi, nominations of individual buildings must also include a sketch of the floor plan.

Completed nominations are presented to the Mississippi Historic Preservation Professional Review Board, an appointed committee that meets three times a year. The property owner and local government are notified in advance of the Review Board meeting that the property is being considered for recommendation as a National Register listing. Afterward, the property owner and local government are notified of any actions taken by the Review Board.

Upon approval by the Review Board, the nomination is checked by MDAH and sent for final review and approval to the US Department of the Interior, which administers the National Register program. The nomination will be approved or returned for additional work and MDAH will notify the owner and the local government of the Department of the Interior’s decision.

For more information about the National Register of Historic Places, contact:

Bill Gatlin
National Register Coordinator
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Historic Preservation Division
P. O. Box 571
Jackson, Mississippi 39205