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issaquena-disc_web resStretching 350 miles along historic Highway 61, the Mississippi Mound Trail showcases the state’s rich archaeological resources at more than thirty sites. Visitors will see some of the largest and oldest Native American mounds and mound groups in the nation.

The people who created these great earthworks were ancestors of the Choctaws, Chickasaws, and other contemporary tribes. They were members of the Mississippian culture that rose a millennium ago and flourished for five hundred years (AD 1000-1500).

The Mound Trail parallels the Mississippi River, which was the heart of an extensive trade and travel network during the Mississippian era. The river connected waterways and people from as far away as the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico and continues to be a major transportation route today.

The mound sites were ceremonial centers sacred to the people who created them.  Each has its own story to tell about the Native Americans who lived there. Pull-offs located along the trail feature interpretive signs with facts about the specific site, maps, and other information.

Visit the Mississippi Mound Trail website for more information.