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StantonCollegeHistorians have often documented the many accomplishments of men throughout Mississippi’s history but have tended to pay less attention to the political, cultural, and intellectual achievements of Mississippi women. With “Inspiring the Next Generation: Exceptional Mississippi Women,” the MDAH seeks to show that women have long been champions for progress in education, civil rights, and social reform. They have created important art, made significant scientific discoveries, and led the state in political arenas. Thanks to them, young women of Mississippi today have role models that inspire them to push boundaries and explore diverse opportunities.

This exhibit focuses on thirty-two women who shaped Mississippi and the nation, divided into eight categories: artists, performers, civil rights, athletes, authors, suffrage, education, and government and law. The women featured in this exhibit include well-known individuals such as Fannie Lou Hamer and Leontyne Price in addition to influential, but lesser-known, women such as Burnita Shelton Matthews. A DVD entitled Magnificent Mississippi Women is included with the exhibit.

“Inspiring the Next Generation: Exceptional Mississippi Women” Exhibit Specifications

Ten (10) panels: 24” x 36”
Photo panels include metal frames and hanging wire
One (1) shipping crate
Crate size:  195 lbs. 27” (h) x 25” (w) x 39” (l)

Traveling Exhibit Lending Policies and Procedures
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Closing Report

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