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Pic-Welty-OPEudora Welty: Other Places” presents photographs Eudora Welty took during her travels, specifically while in New Orleans and New York City between 1936 and 1939.  During the winter of 1936, Welty’s camera focused not on the festive Mardi Gras celebrations, parades, and balls, but rather on gestures, ironic juxtapositions, and the human interactions and relationships that so fascinated her.

Welty’s camera continued to seek out less commonplace subjects during several weeks spent in Manhattan during the winter of 1938 to 1939. Wandering through Union Square and down Third Avenue, she photographed the shadows and patterns of light on the elevated subway, the street over which it loomed, and groups of unemployed men gathering to hear speeches and wait for jobs.

“Eudora Welty: Other Places” seeks to draw the viewer’s attention to the discerning eye of its subject, a subject whose awareness of human nature and physical surroundings were applied not only to her writings, but also through the visual medium of photography.

Photographs in this exhibit are courtesy Eudora Welty L.L.C., and the Eudora Welty Collection of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The exhibit was funded in part by the Mississippi Arts Commission.

Visit the Eudora Welty House for more information on Eudora Welty, her life and her works. Also, learn more about the Welty Traveling Exhibit here.


“Eudora Welty: Other Places” Exhibit Specifications

Twenty-two (22) panels: 20” x 24”
Photo panels include metal frames, Plexiglas and hanging wire
One (1) shipping crate
Crate size: 200 lbs. 23” (h) x 28” (w) x 33” (l)

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