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We are revamping our trunk materials for select titles to reflect the most current Mississippi history scholarship. Titles available for this school year include:

Each trunk contains a variety of educational materials, including:

  • Detailed Teacher’s Notebook and Lesson Plans
  • Reproduction historical artifacts
  • Maps, graphics, films, and audiotapes
  • Games and crafts
  • Activity sheets, student reading material, and discussion questions
  • Reference Materials

Incorporating history into subjects as diverse as math, English, and the visual and performing arts, the Traveling Trunks are designed to be used as one-to-two week units and include three to five complete lesson plans. The trunks are also versatile enough to be utilized by teachers within a variety of subjects, using as many or as few of the suggested activities and artifacts as desired, and with students grades four through twelve.

Traveling Trunks are available free-of-charge throughout the year. They are shipped the week before they are to be used in the classroom to allow teachers to become familiar with the contents and should be returned on the Monday following the completion of the teaching unit. Trunks must be shipped FedEx, USPS, or UPS and insured for $500 or teachers may choose to transport the trunks from the MDAH themselves.

The Traveling Trunk Program was developed with funding from the Phil Hardin Foundation of Meridian, BellSouth, BellSouth Pioneers, and the National Geographic Society’s Mississippi Geography Education Fund.

To learn more about the Traveling Trunk Lending Policies and Procedures, the content of specific trunks, or to book a trunk, please contact:

Outreach Programs Coordinator
Programs and Communication, MDAH
P.O. Box 571
Jackson, MS 39205-0571
Phone: 601-576-6997