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To search the catalog for a film or video relating to a specific subject, please type your search term in the window below.

Tips for Searching the Catalog:

  • Search one term at a time
  • A term can consist of more than one word, e.g. "Camp Van Dorn."
  • Capitalization does not matter, e.g. "Civil War" and "civil war" will return the same results.
  • Results will include any word that contains the search term, e.g. "abolition" will return records with the terms abolition, abolitionist, and abolitionists.

If you prefer, you can browse the entire catalog (PDF).

Once you have made your selection, please reserve your media online or download a printable copy of the MHOL loan form. Please mail or fax your signed form to the following address or fax number:

Outreach Programs Coordinator
Museum Division, MDAH
P.O. Box 571
Jackson, MS 39201
Fax: 601-576-6815

If you have questions regarding the films or videos please call 601-576-6800 or email the Outreach Programs Coordinator at