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World War II military ID card


  • Lesson One: The World at War file size: 20,062 KB
    Using a combination of maps, newspapers, radio broadcasts, and newsreels students will receive a basic overview of World War II and how it was reported to the American people. Students will also learn how propaganda was utilized by the government to ensure each American contributed to the war effort and create their own propaganda related to current event within their community.
  • Lesson Two: Mississippians at War file size: 19,240 KB
    Learn about the different jobs Mississippians performed to help the war effort and identify primary sources that represent each role. Then interact with veterans by conducting oral histories detailing their wartime experiences and take an opportunity to thank those who have served while practicing basic letter writing skills.
  • Lesson Four: Wartime Work file size: 4,053 KB
    Using newspapers from Mississippi factories, shipyards, and military bases, students will understand the dramatic effect World War II had on the work place by looking at war work’s cause and effects, the impact of foreign labor, and the changes in workplace culture.
  • Lesson Five: Coming Home 49,278 KB
    Students will learn about the benefits and challenges facing veterans returning home, particularly the educational and home loan benefits provided by the GI Bill and post-war housing design, and suburban sprawl.
  • Lesson Six: Civil Rights in a Post-War World file size: 2,709 KB
    Students will continue to explore the changes and challenges faced by Mississippians during the post-war years, including the dichotomy of civil rights that were fought for during World War II but unattainable to many in the United States. Research skills are practiced as students gain an introduction to Mississippi veterans who go on to become leaders of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s