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Note: all files are in PDF format.

  • Lesson One: The Triangle Trade file size: 2,510
    Students will investigate West African culture and understand the history of the transatlantic slave trade that brought thousands of slaves to Europe, the Caribbean, and North America.
  • Lesson Two: Becoming a Slave file size: 15,079 KB
    Students will discover the process and practices of an 1800s slave market through reading primary source documents that relate the experience of being in a slave market from various perspectives. Then, students will research and write their own short story.
  • Lesson Three: Life as a Slave file size: 3,581 KB
    Through various activities, students will learn about the lives of slaves who served in different roles such as town slaves and plantation slaves and research slave culture. They will also create their own Slave Life Alphabet.
  • Lesson Four: National Feelings file size: 14,393 KB
    Students will learn about laws and Supreme Court rulings that shaped the slavery system in the United States.
  • Lesson Five: War and Emancipation file size: 6,138 KB
    Students will learn about the different roles that African Americans played during the Civil War. They also will discover the problems and challenges that the African Americans faced in the aftermath of the Civil War and emancipation.