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Note: all files are in PDF format.

  • Lesson One: Black and White Worlds file size: 1,190 KB
    Using group brainstorming, historical fiction, and eyewitness interviews, students will gain an understanding of de jure and de facto segregation in Mississippi. They will also perform a close reading of an excerpt from Anne Moody’s autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi and (if time allows) compare it to Kathryn Stockett’s fictional The Help.
  • Lesson Two: Mississippi Civil Rights Timeline file size: 1,179 KBResearch skills are developed by students as they use the Internet and Sovereignty Commission files to research Mississippi’s major civil rights activists.
  • Lesson Three: Protesting Violence without Violence file size: 17,227 KB
    Using primary sources such as newspaper articles and music, students will learn about the death of Emmett Till and the effect it had on Americans. After examining later examples of non-violent protests, student then write their own protest songs.
  • Lesson Four: Integrating Higher Education in Mississippi file size: 3,850 KB
    Looking at civil rights through the lens of sports, students will use film documentaries to understand the integration of the University of Mississippi and other successful and unsuccessful attempts at integration around the state.
  • Lesson Five: Mississippi in 1964, A Turning Point file size: 3,650 KB
    Students will learn about the struggle of African Americans in Mississippi to gain the vote as well as those who helped them secure it, including the Freedom Summer Workers and Fannie Lou Hamer. Using a voter registration form from the 1950s, students will experience the difficulties of registering to vote as an African American in the 1960s.
  • Lesson Six: Civil Rights After the Civil Rights Movement file size: 86 KB
    Students continue to explore Mississippi’s separate but equal school system and understand how the issue of segregation impacted students into the 1970s and beyond. They will then create a class map and timeline showing the evolution of civil rights in Mississippi to the present day.