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The State Records Center provides low-cost storage of records with short-term value to state agencies.  Records Stored at the State Records Center must be covered by an approved records control schedule.  The Records Center provides the following services:

  • Free transportation of storage boxes to the records center (only within Jackson)
  • Free return of boxes in the event of an audit or litigation
  • Free Destruction of records stored at the records center
  • Free computer back-up tape rotation and storage for agency IT offices

Boxes that are sent to the State Records center must meet the following specifications:

  • Boxes must be brown corrugated, single piece construction
  • 15d”x12h”x10w”, 200lb test, 42lbs Kraft with no deviation, C-flute, glued or taped, with an edge crush test of 32 lbs.
  • gross weight limit of 65 pounds.

To simplify your work, fillable PDF forms have been developed.  Just click on the desired form and save it to your computer.  When you are ready to use the form, open it directly from your computer, type the information, and save again to your computer using a unique name (this way you will have a history of what you have sent).  When you are ready, attach the completed form to an e-mail and send to

Any forms sent via hand-mail or fax will experience significant delays.

  • Box label – Print and use this label on the short end of each box.  Do not send copies of the labels to the records center
  • Send boxes for storage – This is the initial transfer of boxes for storage

Request records from the records center – If your records are currently stored at the SRC, use this form to get any of them returned.  This is normally used if there is an audit or litigation.

Return records to the records center  – If the SRC staff returned some of your records and you need them stored again, use this form.

Box Label Form     –  Use this Label to affix on the short end of your boxes.

Transmittal Form (SRC 102)

Off-Site Lease Approval Request Form (SRC-110)

Computer Back-up Tape Rotation    – If you want to add your agency to this rotation/storage service, please call 601-354-7386.


Note: Forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at To save data entered in these forms, you must use the Save button in the Acrobat Reader toolbar—not your browser’s toolbar. If your version of Reader does not show the button in the toolbar, right-click the top Acrobat Reader toolbar, and select “More Tools…” Scroll down to “File Toolbar” and make sure the “Save a copy” box is checked. You may also save the documents and work offline.

To ensure timely and accurate assistance with your request, state agencies are encouraged to forward all Reference Requests and Transmittals as e-mail attachments to You may experience a delay if you fax or hand-mail your request.

Contact State Records Center 


Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Records Schedules & Appraisal – 601-576-6813