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To apply for an internship at MDAH, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Intern Online Application Form and submit a resume to:
  2. Successfully interview with MDAH staff who will supervise the internship.
  3. If invited to intern by MDAH, complete, acquire signatures, and return the Intern Academic Credit Agreement.
  4. Sign all necessary MDAH paperwork and coordinate the Intern Learning Plan with the Sponsoring Professor and MDAH Intern Supervisor.
  5. Attend a required MDAH Intern Orientation.
  6. Intern will then be officially placed as an MDAH Intern.

We are currently accepting applications for summer and fall 2020 internships. Summer 2020 internship applications are due Tuesday, March 31, by 5 pm.

Based on the information provided by the Mississippi Department of Health about the Coronavirus epidemic, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History has closed all museum sites until further notice.

We will continue to accept applications for summer and fall interns; however, intern selection and placement will be dependent upon museum site closures. All applicants will receive up to date correspondence via email regarding their application status.

If you would like more information about our internship opportunities, please contact Tony Schnadelbach, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at or 601-576-6985.

Who can intern at MDAH?

MDAH Internships: MDAH offers non-stipend (unpaid) internships for college/university students (18+) who seek academic credit only. Interns follow criteria set forth in the Fair Labor Standards Act test for unpaid interns. MDAH internships are learning experiences that allow students the opportunity to be mentored by staff and provide practical experience in a professional setting.

What type of learning experiences are available to MDAH interns?

Interns (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level) can be found throughout the department working on important projects that help provide the student with work exposure in a professional setting. Some internships are project-based, while other internships allow the student to have practical experience. Internships are related to the academic goals and/or chosen career path of the intern.  Examples of intern opportunities can be found here. Please view this list to determine where you would like to pursue an internship at MDAH.

Summer 2018 Intern at the Department