The American Agriculturist, February, 1886, provided instructions for making the following valentine gift:

“Instead of sending useless trifles of cut paper, we think it far better to have the valentines in a measure useful, as well as tasteful, and were glad to receive from Mrs. E. S. Welch, who has given so many pleasing designs for the Household Department, some which may be readily made by the boys and girls, and sent to friends as valentines. . .


A half a yard of three-inch satin ribbon can be twisted and turned into the prettiest little watch pocket imaginable.  Fold the ribbon in a point, as in figure 4, and join the two parts on the back up to where it is tied with the narrow ribbon.  One of the ends is cut in points, and the other is fringed out.  “St. Valentine’s Day,” and the hearts, pierced with flying arrows, are painted on.  If you would rather have a sachet in place of the watch pocket, place several thicknesses of cotton, sprinkled with sachet powder, in the pocket, and sew it together across the top.  Light pink, blue, and green are the prettiest colors for the pocket of the sachet.  Another pretty little sachet can be made of satin, in the shape of a heart, with a gilt arrow piercing it.”