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"'Bosses,' A. L. Cassell, C. G. W." The three upper left photos were of local girls and boys - pictures used for advertising. Lower left are National Park Service foremen and CCC leaders. In this picture Clifford Worsham is standing by the power pole in upper left hand corner. Billy Burch, a camp leader, sitting in front of Clifford Worsham at left end of front row. In the left hand group, the third man from the right on the front row is Frank Berry, Park Sup't. In the right hand group, the man on the left end of the front row, is M. L. Sandy, Sr. - a true friend for nearly sixty years - still a very successful business man in Corinth (1997). Upper right hand corner is Clifford Worsham standing on frozen Bear Creek. Middle picture at bottom is Foreman A. L. Cassell, who was in charge of planting trees and forestry work - he never knew he was an elderly gentleman. Lower right photo is Clifford Worsham and Marcus Morton in Bear Creek.