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Upper left photo shows the completed pier on far side of Bear Creek - also shown in this picture is how the cables were anchored on both sides of creek - foundation for anchors about eight feet deep. Middle photo on top shows completed decking from underneath bridge. The two lower photos show placing decking and completed bridge. The CCC men that did all the cable work with Clifford Worsham were Leroy Grimes, Arlen Johnson, Ray Gist, and Marcus Morton. Ernest Clausel, CCC blacksmith, made all the hangers for lacing the cable but would never get on the bridge. At the fiftieth year anniversary of the bridge - he still refused to get on it. It is necessary here to include some facts necessary for posterity. Mr. Frank Berry had learned that during the construction of Pickwick Landing Dam, the Tennessee Valley Authority had dumped some used cable in the Tennessee River below the dam. Mr. Berry, Clifford Worsham, and several CCC Boys went to the river to reclaim the cable. Clifford Worsham and one of the CCC boys went in the river and tied onto the cable, which we tied to a truck, but were unable to pull it out. The next week the same people went back with a truck and crawler tractor, which we tied together, and were able to remove the cable from the river. It was one inch in diameter and 1800 feet long. Somehow we were able to get it in the truck, along with smaller pieces, and hauled back to the park. There it was cleaned, painted and used to construct the Swinging Bridge. The bridge was designed by Clifford Worsham, a 1939 Civil Engineering graduate of the University of Mississippi under the direction of Frank Berry. It was necessary to send the plans to the National Park Service in Washington, D.C. for approval. They were rejected in Washington saying the top cables were too weak - so we revised the plans, doubled the top cables, and the plans were approved. It is almost unbelievable, but the cash outlay for the construction of this bridge was approximately $238. This was used to purchase the cement and miscellaneous hardware, other material was donated by various business in Tishomingo and Corinth.