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"Swimming Pool." Upper Left: Excavation of the swimming pool by a borrowed bulldozer - remainder of dirt was moved by wheelbarrows and shovels. Upper Right: Building forms for the swimming pool - Ray Gist in foreground and Sup't. Frank Berry with back to camera. Lower Left: Placing reinforcing steel for walls of the swimming pool - Marcus Morton standing and Ray Gist next to him in T-shirt. Lower Right: Working on walls of swimming pool. One sack concrete mixer in background. Mixer had to be cranked in a counter-clockwise motion and was difficult to start. We had to get a left-handed cook from the CCC Camp named Andrews to start it for us. Behind the mixer is a pile of aggregate that came from Rock Creek north of the town of Tishomingo. The truck was loaded by hand and hauled to the CCC Camp where it was washed by the use of a sparger pipe built in the truck bed. The material was thrown through a screen with one quarter inch openings - everything that went through the screen was sand (fine aggregate) and everything that did not go through the screen was gravel (coarse aggregate). We had no scales for measuring but used a two cubic foot box for sand and a three cubic foot box for gravel for each sack of cement, resulting in a 1:2:3 mix.