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  1. Image Arrangement and Numbering
  2. Technical Details
  3. Suggested Bibliographic Citation
  4. Rights Management
  5. Copy Availability

Image Arrangement and Numbering

The front and back covers and 29 pages of the Lochinvar album are still intact and were scanned consecutively, front to back. The 31 image files were numbered in the order they were scanned; these image numbers appear in the image links. Each of the 46 photographic prints attached to the album pages was given a unique number by the curator; these print numbers appear with the image descriptions.

Technical Details

Digital Photographs: The MDAH Archives and Records Services Division's Image and Sound section used a Zeutschel hybrid scanner to capture images of the album in June 2009, creating 300 ppi 24-bit RGB TIFF files.

Conversion: The Electronic Archives staff used Zoomify to convert the TIFF files to 24-bit RGB JPEG files for access. Flash Player version 6 or later is required to view the Zoomify interface for the JPEG images.

Suggested Bibliographic Citation

MDAH suggests that citations for images from the Web-enabled version of the Lochinvar Photograph Album include the following elements: collection name, unique image no., agency name, date of last web page revision, <Image URL> (date viewed).

Rights Management

The photographs in the Lochinvar Photograph Album are in the public domain and therefore free of copyright or other use restrictions. MDAH asks that each image used in a presentation, display, or publication be accompanied by the following credit statement:

Credit: Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Copy Availability

High-resolution TIFFs of the images may be purchased from MDAH. The MDAH Public Order procedure and fee schedule apply. Consult the Photoreproduction and Digital Imaging policy or contact MDAH Reference Staff for order options as well as information on how to obtain and complete the necessary Public Order forms: 601-576-6876 or