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This scrapbook contains photographs, news clippings, reports, stickers, color cutouts from magazines or other sources, and many hand-drawn illustrations in both color and pen and ink. Particular highlights include: rosters of black and white soldiers from Bolivar County who served, including brief service records for white soldiers; photographs of white soldiers with their names and hometowns; photographs taken by Bolivar County soldiers overseas showing European cities, downed German planes, aerial shots from American planes, and German soldiers’ graves; photographs documenting Arkansas’s Camp Pike, where many of Mississippi’s soldiers were trained; accountings of the amounts of money raised in Liberty Bond drives in Bolivar County; clippings describing wartime rationing and other home front activities in Bolivar County; photographs of the women chiefly responsible for compiling the scrapbook; a certificate that originally accompanied the awarding of a Distinguished Service Cross; and dog tags belonging to Charlie Gibson of the U.S. Naval Reserve Force.