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The series consists of population censuses and census abstracts taken of counties in the Mississippi Territory. Generally, the census lists heads of families by name with members of the household cited by age, race (and if black, whether slave or free), and gender. Abstracts of censuses give totals only for age, race and gender. An 1809 territory-wide census abstract for manufacturing establishments and products is included with these records. In this census there are the following column headings for each county: number of looms; yards of cotton, linen, woolen cloth; number of carding machines; number of spinning mills and number of spindles; number of tanneries and leather-tanned products' value; number of distillers; amount of tin and tin products' value. Two miscellaneous items are also part of the series: a cover letter from W. E. Boyd that accompanied an unidentified census, and an 1810 circular with instructions for taking the census. Images of the census documents are arranged by description, date, and page number and were created by FamilySearch onsite at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in 2011.