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The series consists of typed and handwritten transcripts of interviews with ex-slaves from 36 Mississippi counties conducted by employees of the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration, as well as essays about former slaves and administrative correspondence. The narratives contain information such as names of family members and owners, occupations, and other details of the ex-slaves' lives. The interviews are brief, most containing an average of three to four pages, though all available drafts were imaged. A few from Harrison County include drawings of the former slaves. Images for most of the narratives were created in 2011 by FamilySearch from originals at MDAH. The documents associated with Ben Lewis of Adams County were scanned in 2012 by the Image and Sound section at MDAH because they were overlooked in the initial project. Arrangement is alphabetical by county and within the county alphabetical by subject then chronological by document.

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