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Return of 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division of Volunteers, Monterey: Sep 1846 (Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi Regiments; Baltimore Battalion).

This series consists primarily of seventeen morning reports and monthly returns of various military units under the command of General John A. Quitman during the Mexican War. Some of the reports contain detailed casualty lists. The following units are represented: the U.S. Regiment of Marines; Alabama, Georgia, [1st] Mississippi, [1st] New York, 1st Pennsylvania, 2nd Pennsylvania, and South Carolina (Palmetto) Volunteer Infantry Regiments; the Baltimore Volunteer Infantry Battalion; Company H, 3rd Artillery; and Capt. Wall's Artillery Battery. The series also includes two images of the muster roll of Capt. McManus' company (Company E), 1st Mississippi Rifles, dated 28 February 1847, scanned by permission of the document's owner. The entire set of images is arranged in chronological order.

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