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This series is comprised of enumeration rolls of Confederate veterans and widows of Confederate veterans. The rolls include the name of the veteran or widow, state and year of enlistment of the veteran, regiment and company in which the veteran served, and the age of the veteran or widow.

In 1906, the Mississippi Legislature began requiring biennial enumeration of Confederate veterans and widows of Confederate veterans (Laws, chapter 138). The initial enumeration began on the first Monday in February 1907 and was to be conducted biennially thereafter. Chancery clerks were to keep a copy of the enumeration and send a copy to the State Auditor. In 1930, the enumeration was changed to an annual basis (Laws, chapter 275, 3412 and 3413). The requirement was repealed in April 2009 (Laws, chapter 546, 24).

Images of the documents were created by FamilySearch onsite at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in 2011 and are arranged by county and date.