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Title:Plot of Vicksburg and Natchez Districts for leasing abandoned plantations.
Situation Date:1864
Publication Date:1864
Features:Drainage, lakes, towns, parcel boundaries with names of owners and acreage symbolized to denote abandonment and plantations controlled by owners.
Comments:General Note: Two maps in file-Vicksburg and Natchez areas.
Features Note: Vicksburg area version contains roads and the names and locations of residents living between the Big Black River and Vicksburg proper. This map is colored and 22.5 X 21 inches in size.
Coverage:Warren, Claiborne, Jefferson, Adams and Wilkinson Counties
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Publisher:Cincinnati : Middleton, Strobridge & Co., 1864.
Size (inches):Varies
Link: ionumber=104201