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Title:Plantations on the Mississippi River from Natchez to New Orleans, 1858.
Author:Persac, Marie Adrien, 1823-1873.
Scale:ca 1 inch to 2.2 miles
Situation Date:1858
Publication Date:1967
Features:Mississippi River with mileage points, creeks, lakes, land holdings with names of residents/owners, crops, county lines, railroads, canals, post offices, churches, boat landings, saw mill.
Comments:General Note: A cadastral map. "I certify that this is an accurate copy of Persac’s map, called Norman’s Chart of the Mississippi River from Natchez to New Orleans in 1858 giving the outline of plantations drawn to scale, with the names of their owners."
Title Note: The title of the original map published in 1858 is:Norman's Chart Of The Lower Mississippi River By A. Persac. Published by B.M. Norman, New Orleans, La. 1858.
Author Note: ""This map was drawn by Joseph Aiena of the Art Department of the Chambers Agency." Original authors of the 1858 original were: Norman, Benjamin Moore, 1809-1860 and Persac, Marie Adrien, 1823-1873.
Publisher Note: "Published for the Friends of the Cabildo, Inc., Louisiana State Museum." The original publisher was J.H. Colton & Co. New York.
Link Note: Link provided is the 0riginal 1858 version.
Coverage:Jefferson, Adams and Wilkinson Counties
Repository:David Rumsey Map Collection | Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division | Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Publisher:[Gretna, La.] : Pelican Pub. Co., 1967.
Size (inches):26.3 X 51.5
Link: UTHOR+@od1(Persac,+Marie+Adrien,+1823-1873+))+@field(OTHER+@ od1(Persac,+Marie+Adrien,+1823-1873+))) art+Of+The+Lower+Mississippi+River.