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Title:Plan of the rivers Mississippi, Iberville, Mobile, and Bay of Pensacola; in the province of West Florida. Shewing the situation and extent of the lands granted by the English thereon. From the surveys of Elias Durnford, Surveyor General of West Florida.
Author:Lewis, Samuel, Durnford, Elias
Situation Date:1772
Features:Relief, drainage, islands,cliff with height, cypress stands, " path to the Chactaw (Choctaw) nation", bays, bars, vegetation, Mississippi River islands, Indian settlements, forts, towns, communities, corn fields, land and tract boundaries with numbers to match a legend indicating land owners name, number of acres in the tract, date of certificate.
Comments:Author Note: This map, laid down and drawn by Samuel Lewis, Septr. 1772.
Features Note: Annotated just west of Vicksburg: "West Florida Mississippi', '122/90", "11 table end", Inset: Plan of the proposed new town. Also the proposed cut from the Mississippi River to the Iberville.
Coverage:Warren, Claiborne, Jefferson, Adams, Wilkinson, Hancock, Harrison and Jackson Counties
Repository:Florida State University, Robert Manning Strozier Library
Size (inches):68.8 X 72.8