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Title:Norman's Chart Of The Lower Mississippi River By A. Persac. Published by B.M. Norman, New Orleans, La. 1858. Entered ... 1858 by B.M. Norman ... Louisiana. Engraved, Printed & Mounted By J.H. Colton & Co. New York. (At top) From Natchez to New Orleans.
Author: Norman, B.M. ; Persac, A. ; Colton, J. H.
Scale:1 inch to 2 miles
Situation Date:1858
Publication Date:1858
Features:Drainage, swamps, cliffs, river islands, lakes, plantations on the Mississippi River color coded to indicated principal crops, names of owners/residents, railroads, local roads, ferries, river landings, levees, canals, wood yards, towns, churches, post offices, stores, other businesses, urban details, schools.
Comments:Repository Note: Mississippi Archives retains a special hand made copy titled: Plantations on the Mississippi River from Natchez to New Orleans, 1858.
Coverage:New Orleans to Natchez, Mississippi (Adams and Wilkinson Counties)
Repository:David Rumsey Map Collection | Mississippi Department of Archives and History | National Archives and Records Administration, Cartographic and Architectural Records
Publisher:New Orleans, Norman, B.M., 1858.
Size (inches):62.5 X 31
Link: art+Of+The+Lower+Mississippi+River.