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Title:Map of the alluvIal region of the Mississippi [River] prepared to accompany the report of Capt. A.A. Humpherys and Lieut. H.L. Abbot Corps of Engineers. War Dept. 1861.
Author:Mahon, Charles
Scale:ca. 1 inch to 15 miles
Situation Date:1861
Publication Date:1861
Features:Drainage, lakes, alluvial areas, numbered river islands, cities, towns, railroads and surveyed R.R. routes.
Comments:General Note: Noted on map- "U.S. Miss. Delta Survey"
Bibliographic Note: Plate 2 in Report upon the physics and hydrologies of the Mississippi River: United States Army Corps of Topographical Engineers, professional paper 4.
Author Note: "Prepared to accompany the report of Capt. A.A. Humphreys and Lieut. H.L. Abbot, Corps of Top'l. Eng'rs., U.S.A. to the Bureau of Topl. Engrs., War Dept."
Features Note: Geographical and alluvial lands authorities are listed in separate tables.
Coverage:Mississippi River Valley (DeSoto, Coahoma, Tunica, Washington, Bolivar, Issaquena, Warren, Claiborne, Jefferson, Adams and Wilkinson Counties)
Repository:Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division | Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Mississippi Geology Library | Mississippi River Commission
Publisher:[Washington] : Corps of Topographical Engineers, 1861.
Size (inches):28.3 x 18.3