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Title:Map of reconnaissance of Mississippi River made during October, November and December 1821 by Captian H. Young and Captian W.T. Poussin of the Topographical Engineers and Lieut. S. Tuttle of the Engineers.
Author:Young, H. and Poussin, W.T.
Scale:1 inch to 1 mile
Situation Date:1821
Features:River, channel line, islands distinguished by those with heavy plant growth and those subject to inundation, river obstructions- dry sand bars, exposed rocks, snags, line of shallow water, towns, plantations, farm houses, ferries, names of some residents.
Comments:Features Note: Contains notes on soundings
Scale Note: scale is 1 inch to 1 mile along length of river and two inches to 1 mile via width.
Repository Note: File Number 338.
Coverage:Wilkinson, Adams, Jefferson, Claiborne, Warren, Issaquena, Washington, Bolivar, Coahoma, Tunica and DeSoto Counties
Repository:Mississippi River Commission
Publisher:Mississippi River Commission
Size (inches):19.3 X 12