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Title:Map No. 2. New Orleans to Vicksburg Dept of the Gulf. Prepared by order of Maj. Gen. Banks, Henry L. Abbot, Capt. and Chief of Top. Engrs. Jan. 14, 1863.
Author:Abbot, Henry L.
Scale:ca. 1 inch to 5 miles
Situation Date:1863
Publication Date:1863
Features:Relief, drainage, townships, cities, towns, roads, railroads, Union and Confederate fortifications.
Comments:General Note: Military map.
Features Note: Most of detail is in Louisiana area. | Author Note. Map's authorities are listed.
Coverage:Warren, Claiborne, Adams, Wilkinson and Jefferson Counties
Repository:National Archives and Records Administration, Cartographic and Architectural Records
Size (inches):38.3 X 21.5