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Title:A plan of the Lakes Ponchartrain, and Maurepas, and the river Ibberville and also of the river Mississippi from its mouth to the river Yazou. - A distance of 450 miles.
Author:Hutchins, Thomas .
Situation Date:1784(?)
Publication Date:1784
Features:Drainage, coastal islands and bays-named, lakes, topographical descriptions, vegetation types, cliffs, Indian settlements, land owners-acre's owned, church, forts.
Comments:General Note: One map on four sheets. |
Coverage:Digital Map 1: Extreme Southern Louisiana and Mississippi between vicinity of Lake Pontchartrain and Pascagoula River. 2-Mississippi River between Vicksburg area south to just north of New Orleans. Jackson, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Adams, Wilkinson, Jefferson, Claiborne, Warren counties.
Repository:Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Link: ionumber=14070