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Title:Lower Mississippi River. Early stream channels at approximately half-century intervals, Ciaro, Ill to Baton Rouge, La.
Author:Mississippi River Commission
Scale:1 inch to 1 mile
Situation Date:1765-1932
Publication Date:1939
Features:Colored and symbolized to represent river channel locations in 1765, 1820-1830, 1881-1893, 1930-1931.
Comments:General Note: twelve items, Mississippi coverage are sheets 4-11. Base data is 20th Century-"prepared from advanced topographic quadrangle sheets, subject to correction"
Publication Notes: "Prepared in the Office of the President, Mississippi River Commission, Vicksburg, Miss. August, 1938."
Coverage:Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi (DeSoto, Tunica, Coahoma, Bolivar, Washington, Issaquena, Warren, Claiborne, Jefferson, Adams and Wilkinson Counties) and Louisiana
Repository:Mississippi River Commission
Publisher:Mississippi River Commission
Size (inches):50.3 X 18