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Title: Carte de l'enfoncement du Golfe du Mexique.
Situation Date:1769
Features:Drainage at coastal confluence, inlets, bays, islands, Gulf soundings (depths), Indian settlements. some natural and cultural resource names.
Comments:Title Note: General translation- Map of the sinking (or depression) of the Gulf of Mexico. | Feature Note: Noted:Donné par M. le Ch[evali]er de Noyan Enseigne de Vaisseau en 1769-Translation-Given by Mr. Ch [evali] st Noyan ensign in 1769.
Link Note: Also see: Item E-101 at
Coverage:Southern portions of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana north to Natchez on Mississippi River. Jackson, Hancock, Harrison, Wilkinson Counties.
Repository:Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des cartes et plans