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Two series of records are presented together here: Series 105, Educable Children Lists and Series 21, Enumeration of Educable Children. The records are accessible by county and thereunder by year.

Series 105, dating 1850-1894, contains lists prepared by counties and filed with the Secretary of State. The 1850 and 1851 lists include only the head of the household and the number of white or free black children by gender. The 1878 lists include the name of the child, age, gender, race, and election district or ward. The 1879 and 1880 lists do not have the election district/ward information. The 1885 lists add the name of the parent or guardian. The 1892 lists add the street and house number (where recorded), but are divided by race within each township and range. No schools are named in any of the lists.

Series 21, dating 1906-1965, contains lists prepared by the Superintendent of Education in each county and filed with the Department of Education. The lists are arranged by school within the county and thereunder by parents' names. In addition to parents' and students' names, information on the lists includes age, gender, reason for withdrawal from school, status in school, whether the student was subject to the compulsory attendance law, and a general address. Students between the ages of 6 and 20 were included in these lists. Most reports contain a recapitulation sheet listing the names of schools within the county and number of students at each school.

The records were digitized onsite at MDAH by FamilySearch in 2010.